Dr. Ronald G. Leese

Dr. Ronald Leese graduated from University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey/Rutgers University.Dr Leese also has a Bachelors degree in Biology and Chemistry and a Masters degree in business administration.Upon Graduation from Dental school, he  completed an intensive general practice residency program at Newark Beth-israel Hospital in Newark NJ.

Dr. Ronald Leese is a Distinguished member of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital,Medical Staff, where for the last thirty years he has served as a clinical instructor and played an integral role in the selection of the General Practice Residents, where he was recently awarded a life time achievement award in recognition of over 25 Years Of Dedication and Service to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital . He serves as a clinical Instructor within the Dental department and as such, is responsible for the educational and clinical progress of the residents .

Dr Ronald Leese has received extensive clinical and  academic training in implant restoration and cosmetic dentistry and he has been practicing dentistry for 34 years in Middlesex County and a long time resident of North Brunswick NJ.DR Leese aspires to flawless dentistry, listens and responds to his patients and seeks to exceed their expectations in receiving  the very best dentistry available.
Dr. Leese and his wife and have two very loving cats Cimba and Farrington.